Background and Project Objectives
TRADE Hub is a five-year project running from 13th February 2019 to 12th February 2024. The project is implemented by Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in collaboration with other partners from 15 different countries in Africa, Asia, the UK, and Brazil. It is financed through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Collective Fund. 

The TRADE Hub project idea is based on the hypothesis that trade in wildlife and agricultural commodities could become an engine for inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction. The role of the hub is therefore to address the intractable challenge of how to eliminate the negative impacts on people and ecosystems from trade. 

Specifically, the project will map the flow of commodities from origin to destination to shed light on their impact on people and the natural world and inject this information into global models to predict how shifts in trade patterns will affect both people and nature. The project will also develop tools for countries, companies, and decision-makers to make sustainable trade a positive force into the future.

The Tanzania TRADE Hub will: 

  1. Map relevant trade policies in wildlife- and commodity-exporting countries, value chain structures, strategies, agreements, protocols, demand and supply balance sheets for modeling of economic impacts;  
  2. Analyse interactions of policy frameworks between importing and exporting countries, analyse the role of the historical evolution of policies and norms in shaping current situations for key wildlife products and agricultural commodities, and identify best practices; and
  3. Analyse international trade governance and performance, quantification of trade values and factors that influence trade both in the supply side and demand side.

Research Associates Positions 
Within this project, Ten (10) Research Associate Positions are available for Tanzanian nationals at this time. Existing MSc. students who have or are about to complete their coursework are encouraged to apply to undertake their research within the framework of the project identified topics on the wildlife, wild meat trade, and agricultural commodities (coffee, sugar, and soybean).

For more information about requirement and mode of application kindly visit https://www.sua.ac.tz/announcements/research-associates-under-project-trade-development-and-environment-trade-hub